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Sustainability with SIPL


Evaluation of circularity of a product/process with use of circularity indicators along with integration of LCA.

Environmental Product Declaration

Type III Ecolabel, a comprehensive & widely-accepted document for declaration of environment assessment results of any product/process

EPD - Verification

3rd party EPD verification service whether they comply with required standards.

Carbon Footprint - Water Footprint

Measurement of GHG gases emitted by a product/process in terms of kg COeq.  Measurement of direct and indirect water use by a producer or consumer.

GHG accounting - Scope emissions

GHG accounting encompasses the evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions across Scope 1, 2 and 3.

Health Product Declaration

Health Product Declarations (HPDs) provide a full disclosure of the potential chemicals of concern in products by comparing product ingredients to a set of priority “hazard” lists based on the Greenscreens for Safer Chemicals and additional lists from other government agencies. 

Ecolabel: Type 1 and 2

Voluntary tools with the aim of boosting the demand of products and services with less environmental effects by providing essential information on their life cycle to meet the buyer’s demand for environmental information.

Social - LCA

Assessment of social impacts due to any product/process throughout its life-cycle.

ESG - Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting as the practice of companies disclosing the most significant economic, environmental and social impacts that arise from their corporate activities


LCA software package that lets you access and embed sustainability data and calculations in your business strategy and decision-making.