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Health Product Declaration

An HPD provides a chemical inventory of a building product and characterizes the level of concern about each ingredient.  Most, if not all, of the chemicals in the product are disclosed by the manufacturer, providing greater transparency in selecting products for buildings.

Essentially, it provides clear, reliable, and consistent reporting of:

  • Product Contents: Details about the ingredients and materials used in a product.
  • Health Information: Information related to any health hazards associated with those ingredients

Why Manufacturers need HPD:

  • To learn about and report product contents and associated health information.
  • To identify areas of improvement for product formulations.
  • To be competitive within the green Industry of buildings
  • To make products eligible for rating system incentives such as LEED, WELL, and Living Building Challenge.
  • HPDs empower specifiers and consumers to compare products based on health and sustainability criteria thereby making informed decisions.
  • Provides a common language for transparent communication between manufacturers and their customers.

Used by:

  • Architecture, design, and construction community to specify products in the project with sustainability and/or health related goals.
  • HPD is incentivized by number of rating systems like
  • LEED v4 MR credit for Building
  • WELL Building Standard® for Enhanced Material Safety
  • ILFI Living Product Challenge (LPC) for Net Positive Material Health Imperative
  • Supported by the nation’s top architecture and design firms
  • Meets customer demand for material transparency




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