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LCA with SimaPro

LCA is a comprehensive tool for assessing overall Life cycle of a product/service/process. Hence LCA approach is used to many different environment impact assessments like Carbon footprint, Water footprint, Environmental Product declaration etc. During this comprehensive training, our experienced trainers will provide hands-on demonstrations and practical examples, ensuring that you acquire a thorough understanding of the topics. The Intractive nature of the program encourages engaging discussions and provides opportunities to ask questions, enriching your knowledge further.

Here are the key topics that will be covered during the training:

Basic Training

LCA training is dedicated to understanding LCA and performing LCA’s with SimaPro. You learn the concepts and applications of LCA, data collection, impact assessment and interpretation of LCA results. Every participant will do LCA modelling on SimaPro as hands on training exercise. Developer version of SimaPro will be provided to every participant for a month to facilitate their learning after the workshop. 

Advance Training

We offer three comprehensive online training programs that specialize in various waste management topics such as “Waste Treatment,” “Waste to Energy,” “End of Life,” “Uncertainty,” and “Recycling and Reuse.” 

The “Waste to Energy” & “Recycling and Reuse” training will concentrate on the recycling of plastics and other recyclable materials.

Our training programs are conducted online and provide hands-on exercises that participants can practice using SimaPro, a software widely used in waste management analysis. It is important to note that participants are required to have a working knowledge of SimaPro in order to fully benefit from these training sessions.

EPD Training

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an ISO 14025 standardized and LCA based system to quantify and communicate the environmental impacts of a product or system.

Sector Specific Training

Participants tend to engage more with LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) training when the exercises are tailored to their specific domain or area of expertise. This approach enhances their understanding of LCA principles and boosts their confidence in applying the newly acquired knowledge to their respective fields.

Our comprehensive online training programs are designed to cater to participants from diverse backgrounds and are accessible through various online platforms. 

SIPL Pvt. Ltd. has developed sector-specific training programs to address the unique requirements of different industries.

Customized training for upto 10 people can be organized. The LCA study material will be provided along with 2 weeks of free SimaPro license.