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LCA with SimaPro:

SimaPro has been among the leading LCA software solutions for over 30 years – used by companies, consultancies and universities in more than 80 countries. LCA approach is used to many different environment impact assessments like Carbon footprint, Water footprint, Environmental Product declaration etc. During this comprehensive training, our experienced trainers will provide hands-on demonstrations and practical examples, ensuring that you acquire a thorough understanding of the topics.

  • Basic Level Training
Covers basic concept of LCA like defining Goals and scope, Inventory analysis, and Interpretation. And how to utilize SimaPro do all that. 

  • Advanced Level Training
Covers advanced concepts like End-of-life treatment (waste management, waste treatment, waste disposal), uncertainty analysis etc. 

EPD with SimaPro:

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an ISO 14025 standardized and LCA based system to quantify and communicate the environmental impacts of a product or system. EPD and LCA are two important acronyms because they are part of the product certification, and therefore validation, process. To complete an EPD, one must complete an LCA… LCAs are part of the EPD process.