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EPD with SimaPro

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an ISO 14025 standardized and LCA based system to quantify and communicate the environmental impacts of a product or system.

EPD and LCA are two important acronyms because they are part of the product certification, and therefore validation, process. To complete an EPD, one must complete an LCA… LCAs are part of the EPD process.

Module of “Customized one to one EPD training with SimaPro”

  • Explain what an Environmental Product Declaration [EPD] is, how it is developed, and what purpose it serves.
  • Describe what a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is and its role in the EPD process
  • Selection of a relevant PCR and modelling of LCA on SimaPro. This will be a hands-on training on SimaPro under expert guidance. The participant will learn modelling based on a PCR.
  • LCA modelling will cover raw material acquisition, energy use and efficiency, content of materials and chemical substances, emissions to air, soil and water and waste generation etc.
  • Describe verification process of EPD.

The training is designed to impart competency in creating an LCA based on a PCR. The LCA development can be done on standard PCR or a customized PCR. Sufficient study materials and 4 weeks of temporary license of SimaPro would be provided to each participant.


No prior knowledge of EPD/ LCA/SimaPro is required.

  • Duration of course: Approximately 9 hours
  • Date & Venue: Online through ‘Microsoft Teams’.
  • For classroom training contact: [email protected]
  • Contact [email protected] for training on customized PCR.

If you are interested in the customized EPD training. Kindly fill this form.