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According to ISO 14040: LCA is “compilation and evaluation of the inputs and outputs and the potential environmental impacts of a product system throughout its life cycle”
LCA results can help you improve your product development, marketing, strategic planning and even policymaking. Consumers can learn how sustainable a product is.



LCA IN SimaPro

SimaPro is the world’s leading software for carrying out LCA and sustainability services since the last 30+ years.
Used by more than 10,000 users, it is the most trusted software in more than 80 countries.

In India, SIPL Pvt Ltd has conducted more than 200 LCAs and has more
than 250 SimaPro installation


Life Cycle Costing is a method that aggregates all costs that an organization or individual will incur over the life span of the asset, project, investment etc. It includes both the initial investment (non-recurring expense) along with any further investment such as operating cost, maintenance and repair, upgrades (recurring expense).
LCC is an economic approach that sums up ”total costs of a product, process or activity discounted over its lifetime”. It is associated with cost in general rather than just environmental costs.

LCC IN SimaPro

LCC can be performed in SimaPro, stand-alone, but also, and especially, together with an (environmental) Life Cycle Assessment. The basic LCC approach is straightforward to implement and use. This is a bit surprising since there is very few information so far about using LCC in SimaPro.
On a more advanced level, some specific approaches of LCC are possible to apply but rather via workarounds: Discounting and dealing with cost fluctuations and cost uncertainties are probably the most striking ones.