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EPD Verification

EPDs are documents that provide transparent and standardized information about the environmental impacts of a product or service throughout its lifecycle. One of the most important element of EPD is to get it verified by accredited verifier. The role of EPD verification is to ensure the accuracy and reliability of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

EPD verification involves an independent third-party reviewing and validating the data and information presented in the EPD. The verification process aims to assess the conformity of the EPD with relevant PCR or c-PCR and guidelines, such as ISO 14025 and EN 15804, and to ensure that the EPD meets the established quality and credibility requirements.

Mr. Sunil Kumar (an accredited verifier by EPD international), assesses the accuracy, relevance, and reliability of the information provided in the EPD and confirms that it has been prepared in accordance with the established guidelines.

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