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About SimaPro

SimaPro has been among the leading LCA software solutions for over 30 years – used by companies, consultancies and universities in more than 80 countries. Developed by PRé Sustainability, SimaPro was designed to be a source of science-based information, providing full transparency and avoiding black-box processes. It is the solution to collect, analyse and monitor the sustainability performance data of products and services. The software can be used for various applications: sustainability reporting, carbon and water foot printing, product design, generating environmental product declarations and determining key performance indicators. For more details about SimaPro click on below link:

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SimaPro Features:

For more details and downloading the technical brochure for Professional & Educational versions of SimaPro click the respective links.

SIPL Pvt Ltd has been collecting India Specific Data sets for different Industrial verticals. This will help users in Indian subcontinent, accurate calculation of various environmental impacts like Carbon Footprint, LCA and Sustainability. With the latest data update, Indian data available for Raw Materials (Steel, cement, aluminium, Rice, Wheat, Maize, Sorghum etc.), Packaging (Plastics, steel, cardboard and glass), Manufacturing (Electricity, oil, gas) and Transportation.

Prices for latest SimaPro Educational and Professional versions

Average cost per Unit
For more details – Drop an email to [email protected]
LCA and EPD Consultation
To be decided on case-to-case basis
Customised Training
1.9 Lakhs
SimaPro Phd
5.11 Lakhs
SimaPro Expert User
11.9 Lakhs
SimaPro Power User
14.8 Lakhs
6.47 Lakhs
EPD and LCA Verification
2.52 Lakhs
GST+ Travelling+Lodging and Boarding extra
18% GST plus Travelling, Lodging and Boarding Charges